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Perception Enabled Technology

High Accuracy Lidars

The vehicle is equipped with a number of high-resolution solid-state LIDARs. These state-of-the-art LIDARs do not have any mechanical parts and are therefore more reliable and provide better quality data than traditional rotating LIDARs.


Accurate high-definition map

High definition maps for autonomous driving are prepared for each deployment. They provide prior knowledge about the world, which augments sensor information and increases system reliability. Maps are enriched with additional information such as  bus stops locations or any zones where the vehicle should reduce its speed in order to make passengers feel safer.

Localization system

An advanced positioning system that is accurate down to the centimetre is a key component for autonomous driving. The system combines data from multiple sources like GPS RTK, lidar registration, visual odometry, wheel odometry, and therefore is resilient to a single data source failure.

Wide range of sensors

The vehicle is equipped with an extensive number of sensors that cover the entire area around the vehicle and provide enhanced situation awareness. The sensors work in different domains and can therefore operate in various lighting and weather conditions. Additionally, the coverage overlap of the sensors increases fault tolerance.


Smooth ride

The autonomy is constantly adjusting various parameters like speed, acceleration, deceleration, centrifugal acceleration to keep passengers comfortable.


It can also offset minor vehicle issues, like low air pressure in a tire which can be increased later on. All of that is done without compromising the safety of users and others around the vehicle.

Cutting-edge perception

The perception algorithms incorporated in our vehicle are tailored to the environments in which it is operating. They are a perfect example of striking a balance between cutting-edge technologies, such as deep learning and traditional approaches utilizing analytical methodology.


All of the manoeuvres are monitored by an independent safety supervisor module which is designed to continuously keep the vehicle safe.