Unique Construction


The vehicle structure was developed using modern CAD and CAE engineering tools. It has been optimised to reduce the vehicle's weight while maintaining an optimal structural strength factor.


The vehicle is equipped with a high-powered electric drive and systems ensuring the comfort and safety of travellers.

It is a zero emission all-electric vehicle that generates no noise. The high-capacity battery provides extended operating time, reducing the number of charging cycles enabling transport over long distances.



The futuristic design, use of modern materials and innovative solutions all make the vehicle stand out in the urban space. Its attractive appearance encourages people to use public transport.


The innovative design and state-of-the-art technology used in this vehicle set new standards in terms of comfort and design in the field of public transport.


The construction of the vehicle provides technical solutions that make it easy and safe for people with disabilities to use public transport.


The vehicle meets the requirements of current European approval regulations for public transport vehicles. 

Remote operator

The fleet of remote vehicles is supervised from a remote control centre. A highly qualified remote operator supervises up to 10 vehicles and can take over control if necessary. This can be useful on the rare occasion when the autonomy is unable to operate, but also increases sense of security in passengers. 

wizu_panelu kierowxcy.jpg


Active video monitoring system is equipped with leading-edge algorithms based on neural networks. It can provide useful information for transport operators by counting passengers divided into age groups.


The system further increases the safety by detecting any dangerous situations and behaviours such as theft or fight. Detecting wheelchairs and strollers enables vehicle to interact with passengers in a way that is more similar to humans thus improving the user experience.

Passenger Information System

The feeling of safety is crucial for human-machine interaction.  The advanced onboard Passenger Information System helps build thet sense of security in passengers, pedestrians and other road users by continuously informing what the vehicle is doing and what it plans to do next.